Read the Bible in One Year – 2 Samuel

18 Jan

In November 2012 I began my quest to read the entire Bible in one year. I broke it down by approximate number of text pages in my NIV version, and found that if I read about 5 pages a day, by November 2013 I would be at Revelations. I am pleased to say that today I finished the book of 2 Samuel. This book tells the story of King David, and for anyone who has not read this book or studied it King David will stretch your understanding of faith. He is one of the few men in the bible that God made a generational covenant with, because the Lord was well pleased with David. If you are at a stage in life right now where you have a battle to fight and need encouragement, a great place to turn to is 2 Samuel 22 – or David’s Song of Praise. You will be so lifted up and encouraged after reading this verse. Whether your challenge is physical or mental you will find David’s song connecting with you. I have written below a part of the song I found particularly inspirational.

“It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; He enables me to stand on the heights. He trains my hands for battle; My arms can bend a bow of bronze. You give me your shield of victory; You stoop down to make me great.You broaden my path beneath me,so that my ankles do not turn.”

2 Samuel 22:-33-37

My First Book of 2013

18 Jan

The first book I read of 2013 is The Seven Levels of Communication, by Michael J. Maher. This is one of the best books I have read on selling. It’s a short, fun, read with practical systems and techniques written by “North America’s Most Referred Real Estate Professional.” What sets this book apart from the others I have read is that the principles are all based on giving. The networking and referral strategies don’t make you feel like a sleezly used care salesman. They are all about using the connections you makes to benefit the people in your network. Its one of those books I will have to re-read and refer back to, but if you are in sales and feel the “leads have run dry” this could be a really worthwhile purchase.

Half Marathon Training – Day One

18 Jan

There is a half marathon happening in Frederick, MD on May 5th, and I have decided this is one I will run to hit my goal.   While I am glad I found a local race at a good price, because of the date it means training has start ASAP. Currently I am in poor cardio shape – I can run about 2 miles in 20 minutes.  I set out today to run 3 miles, and needless to say it was rough. Its super cold, and I am not used to running at a higher altitude. But I am actually thankful its this hard, it just makes overcoming that much more satisfying. Besides I have to start somewhere, and if basic running is this hard for me right now, it probably means I should keep doing it! On May 6th I can’t wait to look back on this post to see how far I have come. What is progress without some pain?

Finally these guys are getting some use again!

Getting Reaquainted


Begin With the End in Mind

17 Jan
So here they are, the basis for this entire blog. I have broken my goals down by category, so I can improve all the important areas of my life. Hopefully as I work through my 2013 goals it will inspire you to set out and achieve whatever your dreams are this year!
2013 Goals:
  1. Career Development – Read 2 personal growth books every month
  2. Financial – Create $1,000 of monthly income outside of a traditional job by the end of the year
  3. Spiritual – Read the bible in one year
  4. Physical – Run a half marathon
  5. Education – Learn one new recipe every month
  6. Family – Attend two marriage conferences
  7. Social – Develop a relationship with 3 influential people
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